Sophie Dibou offers you a variety of splendid designer cocktail rings. All of our gemstone cocktail rings are 925 silver with natural gemstones. The collection carries amethysts, aquamarine, smokey quartz, garnet, natural peridot, blue topaz and many other natural gemstones in our collection. We bring you diverse jewellery making techniques in this silver ring collection from the vintage black rhodium plating to a very intricate pave settings with an abundance of natural gemstones to satisfy the desire for colour and aesthetics.  

What we tried to achieve with this designer silver ring collection is to bring to you a luxurious statement cocktail rings that will turn heads and will be one of the most precious items in your silver jewellery collection. 

We took inspiration from nature hence our silver ring collection carries flowers, leaves, branches, butterflies and other nature resembling elements. There is an abundance of colours purple silver rings, blue silver rings, yellow silver rings – we have them all covered for the most demanding jewellery aesthetician. 

We pride ourselves in the meticulous, detail-oriented craftsmanship across all of our collection but especially of our statement cocktail rings which we are very proud of. It takes many hours of design and manual work to produce even one piece from our designer silver ring collection. As you can see the designs are very intricate with loads of different coloured stones and very sophisticated setting elements. 

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