Absolutely love my new earrings. They are just fabulous!!!! Looking so chic and at such an amizing price!!!! Love them! Thinking now about the matching ring…:) read more

Diana Richards

I have bought now several items from this store and never got dissapointed. Although having said that the shipping could be faster, but it well worth the wait! The design is so pretty and unique I am amazed how people always stop me to ask where did I get my ring, what always makes me feel so good!

Anna White

My girlfriend liked it so I am happy that the Brand did not dissapoint and I did not have to go through the hussle of thinking loads about present ideas!!!

Jacob Firebird

Bought a ring for my girlfriend, although we had to exchnage the ring for a different size as i did not guess it at first, she was amazed at a quality and so sophisticated design of this ring. Will look for more ideas for upcoming family occassions as it people think that it is a very expensive jewellery…ha ha

George Greenweb designer

My lovely wife liked the ring very much and then suspiciously asked if I had to tap into my savings to get it for her. I love her to bits and I’d love to shower her with gifts especially if I do not have to rob a bank for that! LOL

Stefan Sweet

I am speachless how well made these are…the jewellery looks very expensive and looks like it could be some high-end jewellery brand. I certainly have a few favourites I am eyeing for my next treat!!!

Miriam Orange

Yes, very good product. A friend recommended me to check this site out and I got my GF a pendant they had on sale and she liked it. She returns a lot of stuff even after she seemingly liked it…this one stuck around so far…

Alex Violet

Got my mum a pair of earrings from this site. She loved them! Then I showed her the site and she went wild, she could not handle it. She found a few other matching items that she liked and asked me to get it for her…so be careful…ha ha

Tiffany Vanilla

Me and my partner liked the ring! Thought it is a scam at first…sorry…

Alex Yellow

Who can say no to these beauties? I have purchased several items form this site and loved all of them. But the shipping takes ages. I understand that they ship from China and hence the price but this could be really expedited…

Anna Lee

Got a ring from my husband from this site. Usually he is not that great at choosing jewellery but this time he got it right and very much amazed me. I had to check out the site myself. I understand now why he got it right, everything here is just amazingly beautiful. Whatever he would have chosen from the collection I still would have loved it as everything is so goergeous! Thanks a lot!

Tiffany Gray


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